Yes8 To Be Giving Away Something This Christmas

The bets online casino to be thanksgiving this Christmas

Singapore: 31st December 2019, this day is not only valuable in terms of the festival of Christmas but it will also be a memorable day for the fans of the Chelsea football club. On this day, the yes8- a legal, credible, trustful, and reliable online casino operator in Singapore, is going to be celebrating a giveaway event.

The event is conducted as a form of thanksgiving for the fans that have been supporting the Chelsea football club and the yes8 online casino for keeping their support and empathy since a long time. Therefore, they have decided to provide a Chelsea T-shirt as a part of the giveaway event.

The winners that will be getting the jersey are limited in number and will be selected on the basis of an algorithm which is still unknown and is expected to be disclosed only at the time of the giveaway event that is organized by the legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino, yes8.

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After the winners are selected, they will be announced with the help of three key opinion leaders that will be announcing the names of the winners through a live stream on their videos. They have a plenty large number of followers on their Instagram handles which means a large audience will be witnessing the winners.

Moreover, the yes8 is also organizing this event to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the Christmas and the New Year. This is surely a good day for such an event. The event is also a great thing for the fans of both Chelsea football club and the yes8sg online casino.

Each of the key opinion leaders will be getting a unique referral id which will be unique for all the key opinion leaders and on the basis of that only they will be announcing the number of the winners and the people themselves who won the Chelsea jersey.

As being the official betting partners of the Chelsea football club, the event is expected to be covering a lot of things about them and their fans. The event is further expected to be a big one and also to be highly entertaining as well.

The event is mainly for the people who are the fans of the Chelsea football club and specifically for the people who are engaged in the activities of fantasy sports such as the sports betting for the game of football.

Moreover, the event might cover up some major announcements but report of any such announcement has not been public as of now and it may be considered as an assumption for now. But the giveaway event is surely to be happening.

There will be various interactive performances in the event so that the audience can enjoy the Christmas Eve and also the performances are expected to be really great ad entertaining. Therefore, the overall event is expected to be a great one.

Also the event is going to be covering up a giveaway event under which an official merchandise of the Chelsea football club will be given to some lucky and selected winners. The giveaway prize is nothing but a Chelsea jersey which means that all the football fans will be engaging in the event.

As known by many, Christmas is a day of thanksgiving and it is indeed a fact that the audience of yes8 and the Chelsea football club has done so much for the yes8 and have supported them every time throughout the journey. Therefore, as a token of appreciation the yes8 casino operators are organizing this event mainly to appreciate their audience and to thank them for their valuable support.

Here are some things that the event attendees can expect while being in the giveaway event:

  • The event will feature a giveaway event in which the yes8 will be giving away Chelsea jersey to some of the lucky winners that are chosen with some algorithm.
  • There are three key opinion leaders that will be hosting the event and will be declaring the winners for the same.
  • There will be several entertaining performances for the leisure of the audience that will be available for the giveaway event.

About yes8: The yes8 is an online casino operator in Singapore which is legal, credible, reliable, and trustful in its country. It is also renowned as the number one casino operator and it has a large number of fantasy and gambling games on their website. They are also engaged in sports betting as well.