Online Betting in Singapore

Online sports betting is legal in Singapore with only a small restriction. Domestically the only legal online bookie is VivaBet online casino Singapore, but there is no law that prevents Singaporeans from using foreign online bookmakers. Many of the most reputable British (UK) bookmakers now offer internet betting accounts in Singapore Dollar (SGD) and also offer bonuses, promotions and better odds than those found at SG Pools. In this article I’ll discuss the best betting site for Singapore residents, but first let me discuss how to deposit and withdraw, followed by betting odds formats.

Deposits and Payouts at Foreign Bookmakers

To use foreign online bookmakers you’ll usually have two choices for depositing. The first and easiest to do is to use internet banking. When you set up an account at the betting site, you simply click deposit and you will have the option to make an online bank transfer. All major Singapore banks can be used.

The second option is set up an e-wallet, preferably with This will allow you to fund foreign betting accounts in SGD. How it works is like this: through Skrill you can fund your account via eNets direct debit which is compatible with DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB and Citibank internet banking. Once your Skrill account is funded you can deposit these funds into any online betting site via their cashier. When you want to cash out you can either send the money back to Skrill or use another payout method offered by the betting site you’re using. If you chose Skill, you can also order a Skrill prepaid VISA to access your Skrill balance at any local ATM.

Singapore Betting Odds

Around the world there are all different types of odds formats including American Odds (moneylines), European Odds (decimals), UK Odds (fractions) and Asian odds which include Hong Kong Odds, Malay Odds and Indonesian Odds. In Singapore the most common odds format used is European Odds (decimal odds), which is the primary format of SG Pools and is supported by ALL foreign online betting sites.

Decimal odds represent how much you’ll be paid (stake PLUS win) on a winning bet. So if the odds are 1.91, you bet $300 and win … you get back $300*1.91= $573 of which $300 is your returned stake and $273 is profit. When using any of the betting sites mentioned below be sure to change the odds format to decimal, sometimes listed as European, EUR or DEC to ensure you’re betting in this odds format.

Now that you understand how to deposit and withdraw, and how the betting odds work, I’ll cover the best betting sites for Singapore residents.

Singapore Betting Sites

If you enjoy betting on Asian football, English premiership, Serie A or any other worldwide soccer league, one of the best sites for Singapore is FirstWinn. This Asian bookie is an industry leader for live in-play football betting and has some of the best odds on Asian handicaps. They also are big on offering bonuses exclusive to Singaporean and Malaysian bettors. For example at the start of the UEFA Champions League they were offering a 38% up to SGD $500 sign up bonus, with a 15 time turnover requirement. To see their current bonus offers for Singapore residents visit their website at

Another UK bookmaker popular with Singapore residents that offers SGD currency is Ladbrokes bookmaker. This is one of the UK’s oldest bookmakers who has been a fixture in sports betting since horse race betting was legalized in the 1880’s and grew massive when football betting became legal in the 1960’s. In fact, their company is often credited as having been the first bookmaker to offer fixed odds on football. Prior to this, football betting was done on a tote system (pool). At Ladbrokes you’ll also find Singapore sports and sporting events around the globe both big and small. To try them out visit where you can claim a SGD$100 free bet.

Singapore Betting Laws

In case you’re concerned with the legality, the online bookmakers recommended on this page are licensed in Europe and therefore legal under international law. In Singapore the only laws on the books involving betting are the Betting Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act neither of which even so much as acknowledges internet betting. Because Singapore has many international trade agreements and is a top business and banking hub in Asia, it’s very unlikely any laws regarding online betting for the player will be made soon. The only law on the books makes SG Pools the only true bookie in Singapore, but to best of our knowledge there is nothing stopping players from using betting sites located abroad.