FirstWinn becomes the representative of Liverpool FC as their official betting partners

The best mobile casino made yet another big achievement

Singapore: 31st December 2020 embarks a new history for the Liverpool football club as they partnered with FirstWinn – the best mobile casino which is situated in operable in Singapore and Malaysia, as their official betting partner.

As a part of the celebration of this grand partnership, FirstWinn has announced about a giveaway event under which the FirstWinn team will be offering these as follows:

  • They will be giving away Liverpool T-shirt to the attendees of the event.
  • They will be publicizing the information of the partnership with Liverpool football club as the official betting partners.
  • They will be celebrating their nomination as the best mobile casino operators of 2019.
  • They will be inviting three Key opinion leaders for the announcement of this achieved milestone. 
  • They will be celebrating this New Year and Christmas Eve with a new journey along with Liverpool FC and their fans.

The three key opinion leaders are reported as very well-known marketers and influencers who indicate that the message will be spread with the highest intensity. Furthermore, it is expected that the broadcasting event will be attended in masses and will be a great one.

Following up more with the KOLs they are reported to be shiwei, josephy li, and yjjong with instagram handles joey_lsw, Miko, Stella respectively.  It is further noticed that they have plenty of followers on their social media accounts and it is expected that the event will be promoted through those mediums as well.

This, in turn points more towards the widespread of the event news and the grand announcement. This will surely be a grand event and will be attracting a lot more potential audience for both of the prestigious partners that are about to tie in a partnership.

There are a lot of mutual benefits which are involved with the partnership of FirstWinn and the Liverpool football club. Both of these parties can take advantages of the privileges that they will be getting through this partnership

In case of FirstWinn it can enjoy these benefits through the partnership with Liverpool Football club:

  • It can expect huge promotions through a number of digital media partners which are owned or partnered by Liverpool Football club.
  • It will be gaining a lot of exposure through the physical advertisements on the ground banners and the player T-shirts.
  • It is sure shot that they will be getting lot more new audience on their mobile casino platform which in turn will bring a lot more profit to them.

In case of the Liverpool Football club, they are also enjoying several benefits in turn of the partnership with the popular mobile casino operators, FirstWinn:

  • Liverpool FC will be able to provide their fans with the ability to play fantasy sports.
  • They will be able to gain more trust in terms of betting since their newly made partners, are the best rated mobile casino operators in the province of Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Liverpool FC will be attracting a lot of new audience in support of their club with the event organized by the FirstWinn.

Not only will this, but the audience of both the parties also be getting several benefits as the resultants of this partnership such as:

  • The audience and the members of the FirstWinn will be able to enjoy a lot of new offers in terms of promotion. This can be seen in action on their website as well.
  • The audience of the Liverpool football club will be able to enjoy fantasy sports with a trusted partner.
  • The audience of the FirstWinn will be able to get more engaged with their favorite football club, Liverpool.

The main purpose of the event is to broadcast two special announcements about the achievements of this legal, credible, reliable, and trustful online casino. One message is about the partnership with the popularly known Liverpool football club.

The second news is of their nomination as the best casino operators of Asia in 2019. As a method of expressing gratitude to their audience they are giving away Liverpool t-shirts to the people who are going to attend the broadcasting event.

About FirstWinn: FirstWinn is the leading mobile casino which is operable in Malaysia and Singapore. It has several achievements on its name out of which the biggest one is the honor of being the best online casino of Asia in 2019. It features several online games and sports betting as well.