Does people actually make money from online casino?

Gambling is a controversial topic in our current society, many people stated that gambling could potentially bring such addictive to the players and it had been statically proven to be a very high chances that the players will lose money. People always mentioned that ‘house always wins, but you will always lose’. From this statement, I would strongly condemned the above statement because if someone is not in the ‘game’ you would not realise the ‘fact’ of the game.

Hfive5 – The myth and truth about gambling

In other words, if you are doing property or stock investment, ultimately, you are ‘gambling’ in another way. It just a thought of human minds or public consciousness, as psychologists always stated that humans’ mind are easily influenced by what other people think, but depend critically on how we fell about those people.

Therefore, majority of people will think that no one could even earn money from casino or online casino, but still there are lots of people gambling or betting online or went to the casino across the globe. Without doubt, it can be strongly suggested that some people actually make money from online-casino.

There are lots of people always have such knowledge of ‘high risk, high return’ in their mind, thus most of them are always located at the higher class of hierarchical of society. This article will give you a very good example to show that people do make money by betting through online casino.

For instance, it can be strongly believed that most of the gambler community will recognise one of the well-known gambler, who is call Edward Thorp.

He is a math professor and he had published a book on card counting in casino games, which is call ‘beat the dealer’.

Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One by [Edward O. Thorp]

This book is the first book that educate players on card counting and mathematically demonstrated that players could possible beat the house edge in blackjack by tracking the ratio of cards that left in the deck.

Furthermore, Chris Moneymaker is another professional gambler in Poker. Chris Moneymaker has won over $3.5 million during his gambling career, and he was a championship in World Series of Poker back to 2003.

From above statement, lots of people across the globe are actually making money from betting and even spend most of their time on gambling both online and offline to make a live.

Online-casino is one of the famous industry across South-East Asia that the demand of betting are significantly high in those regions. More specifically, Singapore is a very great example that online-gambling is a very new phenomenon for Singaporeans. As there is a very famous brick and mortar casino located in Singapore with a very fine hospitality, but the trends of online-casino has significantly increase and even more and more traffics are direct to the online-betting website.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Singaporeans have realise that the internet are more aligned with the live of current generation in this era. Without Singapore online casino, not doubt there are many of professional gamblers will lose their career and even not able to make money from gambling. Therefore, the emergence of online-betting website has definitely bring the ‘great’ news to the players during ‘Circuit Breaker’ 2020.

Back to the topic, had been strongly suggested by the local gambling community that the website is one of the best casino in Singapore. Within Hfive5, there are variety types of casino games available on their website and players can experiences the game with real money no matter where they located. Since Hfive555 been operated in Singapore, there is one previous news that make Hfive5 become one of the best online betting website in Singapore.

David Bok is one of the professional gambler in Singapore and he had been gambling for over 30 years across the South-East Asia casinos.

Once he had started gambling on online-casino website, he had claimed that online casino provide much more extraordinary experiences and longer odds for the players. In 2016, David Bok had won the Jackpot around 888 thousands of SGD at After David claimed his rewards, he told to the community about this website, and then Hfive5 become one of the popular online-betting website in Singapore. Within online casino industry in Singapore, there is lots of fraud happening every single day, but the Hfive5 has become the first reliable and licensed online bookie and casino dealer in Singapore.

Lastly, if someone tell you that gambling will risk or ruin your life, do not easily let others to influence or change your preferences or minds. However, gamblers shall keep in mind of this words during gambling or betting, which is ‘responsible gambling’ ethic. A strong suggestion to the gamblers, “you all should bet with the right attitude, and decide properly before you enter into the betting website”. Gambler should have at least of some strategies on betting and understand the odds that closer to your favour in order to actually make a living by betting online in Singapore. Although for a casino rookies, they will have 50/50 of chances while betting online. Therefore, a professional gambler will know the best tactic to win the house and making ‘fast’ money through online casino at