Gamble and fun with social media influencers with this CNY celebration

Make your CNY special and celebrate with yes8sg, a leading casino of Singapore

Singapore: January 2020, yes8sg, a legal online casino, is about to greet its new and old customers on the Chinese New Year eve. Get ready to greet and wish some of the social media influencers as well. The casino is going to have a surprising evening with the yes8sg. The celebration is going to be one of the memorable and life keeping events for the customers and casino.

The Chinese New Year Celebration of Yes8sg has following key points;

  • A grand celebration of the Chinese New Year with customers
  • Live happenings of celebration will be uploaded on the social media platforms
  • The official website of Yes8sg will also display the celebration to its customers
  • Customers get a chance to participate in the Chinese New Year celebration
  • Winners will get a chance to get exciting and lumpsum money prizes
  • Welcoming of new customers with grand Chinese New Year celebration
  • Invitation to KOLs- wenxian huang, tzeqian, sabee, and josephy li
  • The collaboration of KOLs and the No. 1 online casino of Singapore

The New Year is all set to bring new happiness and opportunities for the people who love casino games. They get a great opportunity to connect and become a part of the trusted online casino of Singapore. Yes8sg is a trusted casino in Singapore and many Singaporeans are living their dreams of becoming a master of casino games. The casino has lots of features to offer them. They have a variety of casinos, poker, lottery, and table games. Blackjack, roulette, Omaha, texas hold’em, pot-limit Omaha and more are the popular games among customers.

Yes8sg is popular for serving the latest games as well. This is why Singaporeans love the casino and it has become the best online casino. The collaboration with key opinion leaders is an iconic collaboration in the history of yes8sg. They are the popular face among Singaporeans and other countries. Millions of people are following them and their connection with yes8sg will show that they are truly amazing casino providers. This joint connection will boost its partnership and customer relationship in the upcoming years. So, the celebration is a must-have thing to do. The party will go on the eve of New Year 2020 where users can dive into the fun of the casino world.

They can truly see what it feels like to be a part of the biggest celebration of the casino industry. Moreover, there is a huge opportunity to meet KOLs in person. They can join them on their Instagram profile and talk to them. The KOLs will be giving all the details and spotlights of the celebration during the event so that customers who could not join them can still feel connected with the event. Everything will be live on the Instagram, Facebook, and yes8sg website. The customers can share their greetings, wishes, and blessings to their other friends on yes8sg.

These KOLs come from the background of social media influencers. They are the hot and gorgeous ladies inspiring the lives of others through their work. These sexy girls will be doing a live chat with the customers who win the game on the New Year eve. They may be displaying the name of winners on the live post on Instagram to tell everyone about them. Users from the other side can congratulate and wish them as well. They will talk and meet the KOLs on the event and share their experience. In addition to this, KOLs will be sharing how it feels like to join the most trusted online gambling casino in Singapore.

Singapore has many running casinos, but yes8sg has made its reputation high in the world of casino. Their regular and surprising activities for players are winning the hearts of customers. Therefore, everyone trusts them and is looking forward to joining the biggest celebration of the year’s end and mark the beginning with a leading casino in Singapore.

No doubt that the Chinese New Year celebration will be different this year. But what is more interesting and surprising is the collaboration of the casino and KOLs. These beautiful ladies will be the attraction of the event. Followers are looking forward to meeting them and enjoy the casino games more that day. Everyone will be competing to win and even simple games will yield good money. The players for the first time get more than just bonuses on the Chinese New Year.